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Power and Control behind your Sound


** Requires Code Key to install.  Fill-out request 

form and mention you would like to receive a code-key to install and try out the DPro Software. 

Digmoda DSP based amplifier products provide very low distortion at high power levels. The on-board DSP provides active crossover features that allow you to shape frequency response characteristics of your speaker drivers for optimum performance , protection and sound quality.


  • 16 bi-quads per channel
  • 7 types of filters available for crossover design
  • Up to 22ms delay
  • Polarity switch on each channel
  • Limiter and side-chain processing on select channels
  • High efficient, low distortion Class D amplifiers
  • Only 7 inches wide, and 3 1/2" mounting depth
  • XLR input and through put connectors
  • USB input connector for easy programing from PC
  •  Highly reliable, durable construction
  • Easy learning curve DPRO GUI Software (included)
  • xx/7 tech support
  • DPro GUI software includes driver import simulation modeling
  • Locking power connectors
  • Low power consumption at idle, RoSH compliant,